Arbor Awards

Each year, Gateway Association recognizes its members and other community leaders for their strength in making a difference and promoting the values of the community living movement. Gateway’s Arbor Awards honour people in six categories.

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Leaves present themselves in many different ways and provide colour and life, just like volunteers. Volunteers are very busy and fulfill the most important jobs for organizations such as Gateway. The Frondosus Award recognizes the hard work and commitment of a volunteer working in the areas of community living and inclusion.

Inclusive Employment

An apple signifies knowledge, the relationship between teacher and student, and when held by the boughs of a tree, the becoming of a blossom – a transformation.

The Opus Award recognizes a business that has had a direct role in the transformation of a person who lives with an intellectual disability through meaningful, inclusive employment. A “magnum opus” in Latin means a great work, a piece, often by a composer, that enriches the world. In this same way, great work, from an employment perspective, enriches our lives, renews us, gives us an outlet through which we may express our passions, and allows us to draw meaning from leaving our mark on the world. This employer will demonstrate a working relationship founded on humility, acceptance, and a mentoring role where both employer and employee learn from one another.

Family Strength

While family life is always challenging, there can be additional stresses if someone has a developmental disability. The Confirmo Award recognizes a parent or family member who has experienced an exceptionally challenging year, but persevered with courage and strength, like the strength and stability of a tree’s trunk.

Youth Leadership

Blossoms symbolize growth, opportunity and the future. The Pomus Award recognizes a youth or young adult whose ambition and hard work in promoting community living, makes our community a more vibrant and better place. This person will demonstrate strength and commitment in advocating for inclusion and the rights of everyone.

Community Leadership

Community leaders are like the roots of a tree; grounding us to the earth and giving life to the movement. The Communitas Award recognizes the commitment and dedication of a community leader who works hard to make our neighbourhoods a better place for everyone. This person should demonstrate the values of inclusion in everything they do and be a true role model.

Service Sector

The Ramosus Award is an opportunity to recognize someone from the service sector who has helped you achieve your dreams by ‘branching’ outside their normal role or responsibilities. This person uses every opportunity available to demonstrate and educate about the values of inclusion and community living.

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Alex started working for the City of Edmonton in 2014. He is now thriving doing administrative support for the Communications and Engagement department. Alex also recently joined the Gateway Association Board of Directors.