Gateway Association hosts workshops, events, and Families Forward meetings. Check out any of these pages to get more information about everything we host!

For questions or more information please reach out to us at, or call us at 780-454-0701

  • Education/Workshops

    At Gateway, we empower people with disabilities and their families to live full, authentic, meaningful lives. This is the main focus of our workshops for families, staff, professionals, and the community.

  • Peer Support

    Family mentorship is the core of what we do at Gateway. Our organization was founded by families who came together to create change in our community. We continue to draw on the knowledge, support, and experience of families in our day-to-day work, while providing regular opportunities for families to come together.

  • Community presentations

    Gateway offers customized presentations for schools, businesses, nonprofit organizations, service providers, and others, on topics such as: building diverse and inclusive communities; disability awareness; the work we do; and the supports we provide.

Contact us to access family support services.

“I started having trouble with supports and services with my daughter Rochelle. I went to Gateway Association for support and attended one of the Families Forward meetings. It was there I connected with two amazing people who helped me advocate for what I needed for my daughter.”