February 4, 2021



Raising Jolie – Part 3

Hello! What a year it has been. I’m going to recount the lead up to and recovery from my daughter’s open heart surgery which ended up happening toward the beginning of when the pandemic was declared. Jolie was only 7 months new.


Raising Jolie – Part 2

I don’t know how I’m finding the time and energy to write another post, but, here I am.


Raising Jolie – Part 1

My beautiful and perfect baby girl, Jolie Grace, has Down Syndrome. Here is our story so far.

Bill McGregor

The Importance of Inclusive Hiring!

In this position, like in many positions, I’ve met wonderful people. 

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Update: Being a student at Gateway

The last month with Gateway has been great. The staff has been the highlight of the whole experience thus far.

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My First Week at Gateway

Katie and Sandra are the faces that greet you as soon as you walk in, and they are so helpful and welcoming.


Britney Wills – My Second Week At Gateway

 I have read through Individual Program Plans, to try and understand the process.

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Brittney Wills – Third Week at Gateway

I consider myself to be a creative person and being that I was preschool teacher for so long.

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4th week at Gateway

I found myself really feeling for these families because they are forced to face their own mortality in a way that is so profound.

Carly M

Interview with Carly

Being with people and being with the team. It’s very nice to have the huddle and talk about the day and the goals.

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Just want to say Hello!

My name is Christine, and I am the writer for Gateway’s blog. I write for blogs specifically focused on environment and body issues.

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One opportunity

One opportunity that was offered to me at Gateway, was to attend the Transitioning trade fair at LY Cairns.