1. Disability In The Workplace 101: In this workshop you will learn the common misconceptions of disability in the workplace, the importance of language, and the overall best practices for disability inclusion success.
  2. Inclusive H.R. Practices: Eliminate discrimination in recruitment. This workshop focuses on the employment cycle from recruiting, hiring, onboarding and training, and performance management; considering inclusion at every phase. It includes both challenges and solutions.
  3. Unconscious Bias to Conscious Inclusion: In this workshop, unconscious bias will be examined, and participants will learn to identify the ways that it affects how people interact, and react to each other in a work environment. Types of bias will be explored and participants will learn about their own unconscious bias and the steps they can take to reduce the impact of these biases. Participants will walk away with a tool they can use to assess their own organization through “bias glasses” to identify areas of unconscious bias.
  4. How To Foster An Inclusive And Respectful Culture For Staff – In this workshop, participants will better understand the difference between workplace climate and workplace culture, equality vs equity, and inclusion vs diversity in the workplace. The workshop will provide easy to implement strategies for fostering an inclusive culture as well as some long-term strategies.
  5. Accommodations In The Workplace: Building an environment where employees can bring their authentic selves to work each day and do their best work must include building an accommodation process. This workshop will give you the steps and understanding for creating this strategy. It includes both challenges and solutions.
  6. Measuring Workplace Inclusion: In this workshop, learn how to foster a sustainable inclusive organization over time by measuring and tracking the results of your inclusive policies, procedures, and practices. Ensuring that the stated commitment to inclusion in your policies and procedures is translated into action.
    Workshop guest presenter: Ian Gellatly, Acting chair and professor at Alberta School of Business – Strategic Management and Organization Dept, University of Alberta.

Gateway’s Disability Inclusion Training Workshops: Why Do It?

Inclusive and supportive workplaces are critical to creating conditions for people with and without disabilities to work in unity. Businesses that value diversity understand that disability is not only included in diversity, but that the disability minority is the largest minority and is also the only community that includes all other diverse populations. Inclusive workplaces lead to higher productivity, commitment, innovation, satisfaction, and are more innovative and better able to create enhanced products and/or services for their customers

Successful businesses ensure that their workforce mirrors their customers. Your patrons expect to see themselves represented within the businesses they support and smart businesses know that their business brand is heavily impacted and reputation as a socially responsible company is heavily impacted by having inclusive hiring practices.

Along with this, by including people living with disabilities, (both visible and invisible) in your workplace, you will be more innovative and you’ll be better able to create enhanced products and/or services for your customers.

Externally, what does an Inclusive Business mean?

  • An engaged workplace where employees feel like they belong.
  • A workplace where everyone is valued for their contributions and different perspectives.
  • A successful and prosperous business with diverse employees and diverse customers.
  • A business that cares about its community and the people in it.
  • A sought-after employer for new, top-notch talent.
  • A supportive workplace culture where employees are more productive.
  • A business that is continually innovating and thriving.

Other Services:

Employer HR Inclusivity Review:
This review focuses on each phase of the HR process to access the processes and practices being used. It includes reviewing job posting, advertising, language, the application process, selection and screening, the interview process, training and orientation, performance management, policies and strategies, general workplace culture and disability inclusion. During the review we look for areas of potential discriminatory HR practices and give recommendations to support an inclusive recruitment process. The point of these recommendations is not to overwhelm businesses with huge overhauls but to provide small changes that are easy to implement but will greatly reduce discriminatory practices and act as a starting point towards being a more inclusive employer. Follow up support and consultation is is provided.

Consultation Services:
Gateway offers businesses a wide range of customized workplace inclusion support.

Depending on the needs and requests of an employer, we can provide a little support in the way of workplace inclusion resources, workshops, and consultations, or we can provide more extensive support and personalized partnership through workshop and training packages, H.R. inclusivity reviews, or supporting the process of creating new, customized workplace inclusion strategies and practices for businesses. Please contact Gateway for a conversation about how we can help you to enhance your inclusive workplace culture and to inquire further about our services and fees.

Why Gateway?
Gateway Association offers workshops that can introduce and guide inclusive hiring practices to all levels of your organization regardless of where you are at in your inclusion strategy.

All of our workshops are interactive and have a case study component that are drawn from our disability inclusion work experience and 43 years of knowledge. From these workshops, participants will learn the strategies and tools to start implementing inclusive workplace strategies immediately. Workshops can be tailored to the needs of your organization. Options range from lunch and learns, half-day or full-day sessions and can be customized for the participants and their roles within the organization.

Gateway has 45 years of experience and a reputation for being leaders and innovators in the world of disability inclusion. We developed the WeBelong App, started Canada’s first inclusive cash mob trend and created a proven, unique employment strategy supporting employers and people living with disabilities and other barriers. We are known for being community influencers through the lens of disability and we are passionate about building capacity for employers who value a diverse and inclusive workplace culture. Through our research, experience, expertise and our reputation for deeply understanding how to make inclusion work, we continue to support employers in their disability inclusion efforts.

Along with Gateway’s history of being educators in the disability field to families, professionals, government and to the community, we understand firsthand what it takes to have and maintain an inclusive workplace.

Gateway is a partner of the Canadian Disability Participation Project (CDPP). This national project, involving nearly 50 academics, community organizations, government agencies and private-sector organizations. The goal of CDPP, is to enhance community participation among Canadians with disabilities; employment being one of the most successful ways to do this of enhancing community participation among Canadians with disabilities. Under the leadership of Dr. Kathleen Martin

CDPP includes some of the top H.R. academics in Canada and works with Gateway Association by lending their academic lens to review and add to all of our workshops, processes, and training materials. This is done, in an effort to continue to create and deliver industry leading learning opportunities and support to Edmonton businesses.
With the permission of the employer, the data collected from the employers we work with will be part of the CDPP national research, some of which will be published.

Contact us to access inclusive employment services.

Alex started working for the City of Edmonton in 2014. He is now thriving doing administrative support for the Communications and Engagement department. Alex also recently joined the Gateway Association Board of Directors.