Where does your money go?

When you invest money in Gateway Association you are making an investment toward building more inclusive communities.

The majority of your money will go directly toward supports like the ones provided below:

Family Support
Gateway Association provides support with Family Managed Services (FMS); workshops and education for families, professionals, FMS funds administrators, and their staff; help navigating government disability systems; we give community presentations; we also have an online resource library with downloadable resources for families and people living with developmental disabilities.

Inclusive Employment
Gateway builds meaningful, paid employment relationships that work for both employers and job seekers who live with developmental disabilities but often fall outside the scope for other government supports. Our employment support is ongoing for both the employer and the job seeker for the entirety of the working relationship.

Other Spending
We are acutely aware that people who invest their hard-earned dollars into a charity often want their money to go toward the direct supports rather than management & administration costs. We do our best to make sure any money that is generously invested into Gateway Association is used in the most responsible way and helps the greatest number of people living with developmental disabilities.

We do use some of the money invested in our organization to pay for necessary administrative pieces including volunteer management, reception, data analysis, communications, fund development, and reporting. We also try to innovate new ways to provide the most effective supports to people and this often requires us to do pilot projects that are not directly funded by another source.

We greatly appreciate that you are choosing to invest money that will help us pay for everything necessary to continue providing our supports to the greater Edmonton community!

Can I donate by cheque?

Yes! To donate by cheque simply make it payable to “Gateway Association”, and include your full name and address so that we can properly address your tax receipt.

Charity number REG. # 107420986RR0001