Families Forward: Discuss Navigation with Disability Services Senior Staff

Many would agree that, country wide, the most common issue faced by folks seeking government supports is system navigation. The problem is not limited to individuals and families or even the disability sector and more interestingly, extends to people on all sides of the bureaucracy.

The next Families Forward session, our last one until September, is to have a collaborative conversation with people on all sides of the bureaucracy to tease out the gaps in system navigation and map them. These are not new conversations necessarily, but the problems persist. These are also not problems that any one person in GOA can resolve overnight. But we have seen some positive changes with direct feedback, and it is important to continue the conversation tirelessly. With this in mind, the map will be the starting point for collaborative problem solving between Gateway, it’s families and government. The map co-created by families and DS, will enter our strategic plan at Gateway and will be tracked for the next two years.

Specific concerns will need to be addressed with specific caseworkers or their supervisors.

POTLUCK from 5.30-7. Families Forward Roundtable from 7-9 pm.

Date And Time
Thu, 27 June 2019

5:30 PM – 9:00 PM MDT

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