Families Forward: How Do I Manage My Staff?

In the absence of training dollars and training opportunities for staff, families with FSCD and FMS contracts face a similar challenge.

About this Event

Come hear from our speakers on tips for hiring, training and maintaining good staff, as well as alternative staffing ideas in the first half of the meeting. The second half will be dedicated to sharing tips and resources from all families present.

NEW ELEMENT to all Families Forward Sessions : Witnesses will be invited to listen to the conversations on a spectrum of topics that impact the day today life of caregivers and their loved ones. Witnesses will be prominent members of the community and will not be required to come prepared with notes, questions or answers, and need to commit to attending and lending their interest.

WHY : Witnesses are invited with the intention of taking the voices back to the decision making tables they occupy or influence; their voices need not always reach disability-specific conversations since advocacy for all under-supported groups have no walls. Witnesses are welcome to take non-identifying information away from the sessions and advocate on behalf of all families. Witnesses are essential for the trickle up effect and creating additional and innovate pathways for advocacy.

For every session of Families Forward, we will have a witness.

OCTOBER WITNESSES: Norquest College faculty from new Disability Studies program whose graduates end up becoming a part of the workforce/staff that caregivers hire.

Needs and innovative suggestions will be shared with Disability Services.

Date And Time

Thu, 31 October 2019

7:00 PM – 9:00 PM MDT

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Gateway Association

#201, 10941 120 Street

Edmonton, AB T5H 3R3

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