Families Forward: Legal Precedents and Advocacy Stories – February 27th, 2020

Legal Precedents and Advocacy Stories – February 27th, 2020

About this Event

Two caregivers will share their personal story of the advocacy, appeals and legal proceedings they have undertaken for their child. Their case sets a legal precedent for future situations that are similar in the disability sector.

The lawyer associated with the case will speak to the aspects of the case that would be helpful for other caregivers in the audience. Whether your child is under 18 or over 18, this session would be important to gain an understanding of what is currently occurring in Alberta and the impact on the disability movement.


7 pm – 8.15 pm: Caregiver and Lawyer Narrative

8.15 pm – 9 pm: Q&A

Since 2019, Gateway Association invites a Witness to all Families Forward sessions; Witnesses are prominent Albertans in positions of power. Witnesses hear about topics that are pertinent to caregivers and the related barriers, potential solutions and systemic issues. Non-identifying feedback will be taken away by Witnesses to their tables of influence thus contributing to a multi-level systemic problem-solving mechanism.

Our witness for January is our constituency MLA, David Sheppard.

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