Family Support Opportunities

Gateway helps families support loved ones with disabilities gain capacity, confidence and social connections.





Support Services

Through our work at Gateway, we foster more inclusive and supportive communities for people who live with disabilities and their families. The support and services we provide are as diverse as the people we serve. We understand that everyone has different needs and circumstances, which we work hard to accommodate. Gateway has been supporting families for over 46 years. Please feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.

Gateway Association was founded by a group of families who wanted to make a difference in our community. While providing regular opportunities for families to come together, we continue to rely on the knowledge, support, and experience of families in our day-to-day work. The parents of children with developmental and other disabilities have gained experience, insight, and skills in navigating funding, schooling, and other needs along the way. By cataloguing and sharing our unique resources, we can help other people navigate similar journeys.



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Families Forward

Our Families Forward events include family mentorship, which is the core of what we do at Gateway Association.


About this event: 

Join us for the first Families Forward meeting of 2022 to learn about Disability Savings Plan and Tax Credits from a representative from the Government of Canada. The event will take place online (Zoom link to come via email shortly before the event).

Wed, January 19, 2022

7:00 PM – 9:00 PM MST


This session will cover:

Disability Tax Credit (DTC)

Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP)

Other Disability Tax Benefits


Success Stories

“We have had the absolute pleasure of working with Gateway Association and what it means is that we are able to reach out to youth with disability-based barriers by helping them maintain employment.

Some youth may have disadvantages when trying to enter the workforce and by working closely with Gateway Association it is giving each job seeker a chance at equal opportunity.

The team at Incredible Florist have had some pretty unique and amazing successful outcomes with the Gateway job seekers hired and it has been an overall joy to watch them grow as a successful and dedicated team. I encourage more employers to reach out to Gateway to help individuals create their own success stories!”



“Last year we became an inclusive workplace at Milk Jar and it is truly hard to describe how much purpose it brings to a company and to fellow employees. Suddenly coming to work doesn’t feel like work, it feels meaningful and fun. It raises a level of social consciousness within a company that will elevate you within your community.

Gateway provided the necessary support allowing us to onboard our new employee with care and ease so that our team and our new member felt set up for success. They have an open door policy whenever we need assistance to book a translator for staff meetings, acquire tools and guidance to improve employee productivity, and they have provided training in American Sign Language for our staff.

I am so happy we were introduced to Gateway Association as they have contributed to Milk Jar being more successful than we could have ever imagined.”


Milk Jar Candle Co.


Our Gateway to Digital Inclusion mobile app is designed to assist any Albertan family in navigating life while supporting a loved one with a developmental disability. Check the Caregiver Roadmaps!

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