H.R. Inclusivity Review pilot project

Thank you to the Human Rights Education and Multiculturalism Fund for providing Gateway Association with a grant to pilot a new project. Accommodations in H.R. Systems- Employer H.R. Inclusivity Review  was piloted from April, 2018 to April, 2019.

The Employer Inclusivity reviews focus on each phase of the HR process to examine the practices being used. They include the review of the recruitment and hiring processes to achieve a more inclusive and diverse organization. Areas explored include the application process, selection and screening, the interview process, training and orientation, performance management, policies and strategies, general workplace culture, and disability inclusion. During the review, we look for areas of potential bias and create a report for employers which includes high-level, easy to implement, recommendations to support an inclusive recruitment process.


Here’s what employers have said about the review:


Edge Promotional Group

“I was very happy with the process and feel that this is a great project to assist  corporations with their inclusive H.R. practices. The feedback was thorough and covered many areas I hadn’t thought of.  Although we practice and value inclusivity within our business, I now see that it may not be projected well. I have already started implementing small changes as a result of the review.”

X-Calibur Pipeline & Utility Location Ltd.

“The information we received was extremely valuable.  The feedback and recommendations were in line with what we were expecting from the start of the project.  Meaningful action items will be possible from the feedback we received.”

The Organic Box

“I think the recommendations aligned with my thoughts after the self-assessment. That, in itself, was a good exercise. The recommendations were clear and actionable.”

For more information, or to inquire about having an H.R. Inclusivity Review completed for your organization, please contact Renate Burwash at: renate@gatewayassociation.ca or 780 222-9633


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