Inclusive employment

Gateway builds meaningful, paid employment relationships that work for both employers and job seekers who live with developmental disabilities. Our approach involves extensive discovery with each job seeker, and full exploration with each potential employer. Support is ongoing for both the employer and the job seeker throughout the entire working relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How do I know if I am eligible to receive employment support from Gateway Association?

We provide employment support to people who have a diagnosed developmental or intellectual disability, but do not qualify for funding with Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD). The people we support also need to have the willingness and motivation to work.

How old must I be?

We can support anyone over the age of 16 who also meets the other eligibility requirements.

My son/daughter need to work, can you help?

Yes, we do have an employment strategy, but it can take some time as we do have a wait list.

How long is the wait list?

We currently have a waitlist of more than 45 people. The estimated wait for people newly added to the waitlist is roughly one year.

Do you apply for wage subsidies?

No, we believe all people should be getting paid a full wage for their work, and do not believe wage subsidies set employees up for long term meaningful work.

Can you help find a volunteer position?

Not generally. We support people living with developmental disabilities find paid work.

What is the process?

Our employment support is a three-part process, first we want to get to know who you are (what are your interests, skills, values, schedule, barriers, and what accommodations you may need), second, we will try to find an industry that needs your skills, and help you get a job in that industry if it is the right fit.

Finally, we will support you in maintaining your job once you have it; we are available to answer any questions and concerns that both you and the employer may have during the duration of your employment. We can also help with troubleshooting when need be.

How long does your employment process take?

It is difficult to put an accurate timeline on the process. The initial stage will likely take more than a few months, and the next phase is dependent on the economy, the job market, the availability of jobs that the jobseeker is interested in.

It is difficult to predict an average.  Some job seekers have found work within weeks of starting with us, others have waited years.

What should I do if I am interested in getting employment support from Gateway Association?

Please contact our Employment team for a wait list application at 780-454-0701 or email at or

FAQs for Employers

How can hiring inclusively help my business?

Research has found that people living with a disability have lower turnover rates.

They can help fill the gaps in your workforce.

There is often a positive trickle effect on workplace culture and staff morale.

It identifies your company as socially conscious and community minded to clients/customers/patrons.

86% of people with disabilities rated average or better on attendance.

90% of people with disabilities rated average or better on job performance than their non-disabled colleagues.

98% of people with disabilities rated average or better in work safety than their non-disabled colleagues.

How much will it cost to accommodate an employee?

Almost 60% of people with disabilities require no accommodations at all. Of those that do, the typical one-time expenditure by employers was $500.

What does support from Gateway look like?

Some employers simply use us as a resource or for support when there is an issue or conflict with an employee. We always share our cell numbers and we are a phone call away.

Gateway is there through every step. We are committed to supporting a job seeker and an employer through the entire duration of their work relationship. There is no cutoff date.

We can come in and speak to employees about working with someone who lives with a disability.

We help support the onboarding process.

Our support includes regular check-ins with employers and job seekers. This could be once a week or once a month depending on the job seeker and employer. We are there to help fine-tune tasks, approaches to instructions, barriers in the workplace, relationships with managers and staff, and accommodations that will lead to a meaningful, long-term fit.

Does Gateway Association provide wage subsidies?

No, we believe all people should be getting paid a full wage for their work, and do not believe wage subsidies set employees up for long term meaningful work.

Contact us to access inclusive employment services.

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