Employment Overview


Gateway builds meaningful, paid employment relationships that work for both employers and job seekers over the age of 16 who live with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

We engage in a three-part one on one process that helps job seekers discover their fields of interest, find a place of employment, and ultimately maintain meaningful employment. Support is ongoing for both the employer and the job seeker throughout the entire working relationship.

Throughout the entire employment supports process we want job seekers to engage in each step and participate in the individually tailored components.


We go through an extensive process to get to know each person we are working with. Our aim is to find out about their passions, skills, interests as well any accommodations they may need in the workplace. We speak to references, family members, friends or anyone who can provide insight into an ideal fit for employment. We look through resumes utilizing our up to date knowledge to modify them.

Job Search

We conduct research in the specific areas that someone has identified they want to work. We learn about job descriptions and come up with creative solutions for finding a good match. We aim to build relationships with potential employers to advocate on behalf of the person we are working with. We provide interview skills on an individual basis and provide strategies or resources as needed. We do not “place” people in jobs but rather try to find the right fit.


Our support once someone is hired are ongoing for as long as that employment lasts. We stay in touch with both the employee and employer to help with any bumps that may come up. We provide tailored resources or strategies if someone encounters issues at work as well work directly with the employer to address the concern.

There is a wait list for job seekers wanting our help to find work with estimated wait time of ~ 1 Year.
However, we encourage you to reach out to us if you want to know a more exact wait time, or if you want to check your location on it.

Visit our Resource Library for resources tailored to job seekers!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How do I know if I am eligible to receive employment support from Gateway Association?

We provide employment support to people who have a diagnosed developmental or intellectual disability, but do not qualify for funding with Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD). The people we support also need to have the willingness and motivation to work.

How old must I be?

We can support anyone over the age of 16 who also meets the other eligibility requirements.

My son/daughter need to work, can you help?

Yes, we do have an employment strategy, but it can take some time as we do have a wait list.

How long is the wait list?

The estimated wait for people newly added to the wait list is roughly one year.

Can you help find a volunteer position?

Not generally. We support people living with developmental disabilities find paid work.

What is the process?

Our employment support is a three-part process, first we want to get to know who you are (what are your interests, skills, values, schedule, barriers, and what accommodations you may need), second, we will try to find an industry that needs your skills, and help you get a job in that industry if it is the right fit.

Finally, we will support you in maintaining your job once you have it; we are available to answer any questions and concerns that both you and the employer may have during the duration of your employment. We can also help with troubleshooting when need be.

How long does your employment process take?

It is difficult to put an accurate timeline on the process. The initial stage will likely take more than a few months, and the next phase is dependent on the economy, the job market, the availability of jobs that the job seeker is interested in.

It is difficult to predict an average.  Some job seekers have found work within weeks of starting with us, others have waited years.

What should I do if I am interested in getting employment support from Gateway Association?

Please contact our Edmonton Employment team for a wait list application at 780-454-0701 or email at Ashleigh@gatewayassociation.ca.

Please contact our Calgary Employment team for a wait list application at 587-779-7888 or email us at get-work@gatewayassociation.ca

Contact us to access inclusive employment services.

Alex started working for the City of Edmonton in 2014. He is now thriving doing administrative support for the Communications and Engagement department. Alex also recently joined the Gateway Association Board of Directors.