Mayors Luncheon/Mixer
Gateway Association hosts a yearly luncheon in partnership with local politicians and forward-thinking business leaders. The Mayors Luncheon serves as a networking opportunity and a connecting place for those in the business community who support inclusion in hiring.

For the first time the Mayors Luncheon is going to become the Mayors MixerThis afternoon event will encourage learning, development, networking, and much more. Stay tuned for the official release of tickets!

Our goal is to keep working with partners to nurture diverse and inclusive communities across the province. We provide ongoing support to municipalities and employers who see the cultural and financial benefits of creating a sense of belonging for all people.

The Mayors Luncheon began in 2012 with the support of former St. Alberta Mayor, Nolan Crouse. The Luncheon continues with major contributions from current St. Alberta Mayor, Cathy Heron.

Cash Mobs
In February of 2014 Gateway Association kicked off Edmonton’s first cash mob campaign of its kind, celebrating inclusive employers – those who hire inclusively by employing people with disabilities in meaningful, paid roles.

We have borrowed the cash mob idea from the Buy Local movement, and applied it to the We Belong movement – the pursuit and support in communities for meaningful, paid work opportunities for people with disabilities.

Throughout the campaign, we will periodically “cash mob” businesses that hire inclusively in and around Edmonton. The goal of the campaign is to reward forward-thinking businesses and to inspire others to consider hiring inclusively.

Support continues to build in the community for our inclusive employment cash mobs. Stay tuned for our next cash mob location!

Gateway Association does not profit from cash mobbing. All proceeds go directly to the business as a reward for hiring inclusively.

On December 3rd, 2017 Gateway partnered with two other organizations across Canada to host the first ever “National Cash Mob”

Arbor Awards
Each year, Gateway Association recognizes its members and other community leaders for their strength in making a difference and promoting the values of the community living movement. Gateway’s Arbor Awards honour people in six categories.


Inclusive Employment

Family Strength

Youth Leadership

Community Leadership

Service Sector

Contact us to access inclusive employment services.

Alex started working for the City of Edmonton in 2014. He is now thriving doing administrative support for the Communications and Engagement department. Alex also recently joined the Gateway Association Board of Directors.