August 3, 2018

Mayors Luncheon 2016

Mayors Luncheon 2016


Our theme this year is: “Achieving Diversity Through Great Partnerships.”

Keynote speaker Mike Bradley, Mayor of Sarnia, Ontario, challenged the mayors of all the municipalities across the province of Ontario to get every person who lives with a disability working in their communities. He will share the ins and outs of how building and leaning on good partnerships is the key to success with diversity in business, and how mayors can play a key role in that process. “We don’t hire, but we create the culture,” he says.

We are excited to welcome Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson, St. Albert Mayor Nolan Crouse, and Strathcona County Mayor Roxanne Carr.

Guest speaker Michael Liber, owner of Baseline Dairy Queen in Sherwood Park, is a huge champion of diversity who believes wholeheartedly in inclusive hiring and trains managers at Dairy Queens across Canada on how to do it well.

Guest speaker Corbin Bourree, managing director of’s Edmonton shop, is proud of the organic online grocer’s diverse workplace culture, one the company has spent much time and energy nurturing, of which inclusive hiring is an important part.