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December 12th – Families Forward: Knowledge is Power & Holiday Potluck
Join us for this holiday get together and share your successes and challenges of 2019 and generate ideas for 2020! About this Event 5:00pm -6.30pm Chr... Read More

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Feb 5th Abuse Prevention & Response Protocol
Note: This is a mandatory course for FMS Administrators About this Event Note: This is a mandatory course for FMS Administrators under Family Managed ... Read More

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One opportunity that was offered to me at Gateway, was to attend the Transitioning trade fair at LY Cairns, that had various booths available to individuals and families that had a youth transitioning to adulthood, that lives with barriers or disabilities. I took advantage of having all these agenci... Read More
You may have noticed that I haven’t posted in a while! It has been hectic being a full-time student and working on placement hours. The blog submissions fell to the wayside…oops!! I will need to work on Evaluation Criteria A.2. as an area to improve upon! (Taking initiative to carry out... Read More
Last week so much happened! The Transitions workshop wrapped up with a session about PDD funding, AISH and other systems parents will need to navigate with their loved ones. I found myself really feeling for these families because they are forced to face their own mortality in a way that is so profo... Read More
Well… not much has happened for me this last week. Because of the -30 to -40 weather we had, my van wasn’t running well, and my kids were home all week from school. One thing I forgot to write about from a couple weeks ago was what I learned from the reflective art session that Read More
My second week at Gateway was jam-packed full of learning. I have read through Individual Program Plans, to try and understand the process. I am looking forward to attending my first one, with Y. So that I can see what happens in real time. Its hard to really get a feel for them, just reading Read More
I was lucky enough to have a initial meeting and tour with Sahana before Christmas, so I knew already I was excited to work here. Sahana’s way of explaining Gateway to me, and the sparkle in her eye when she spoke of the values of Gateway, I knew I was going to like it here. Read More
We know that everybody is out there doing their Christmas shopping and we wanted to showcase a fantastic inclusive employer where you can pick up many items on your list. We chose to highlight this employer from the job seeker’s perspective. Carly has worked for Winners since 2014 in the shoe ... Read More
Since October is DEAM we have chosen a few jobseekers to hear from their perspective what it means to have found their DEAM job. In doing this we wanted to make sure all aspects of people lives are given a platform in order to showcase the complexity of each of us. Adrian’s love of puzzles Read More
When we started talking about October as Disability Employment Awareness Month (DEAM), we really wanted to highlight inclusive hiring from a variety of perspectives. One of the people that came to mind is Bill McGregor from Ready Willing and Able (RWA). We wanted to get his unique outlook as he work... Read More
A good resume is crucial to the job search process as it is the first impression an employer will have of you. During the 6 years Gateway has supported people in finding work, we have seen some great resumes and some that just do not work. Further we have had some great resume writing instructions <... Read More
Being a caregiver is a big job for most people. It requires a lot of patience, energy and strength to help and support your loved one or someone you are caring for. It can be a job from 8 AM – 4 PM five days a week or it can be 24/7 if it’s concerning Read More
I want to talk about the education system and how teachers are trained—or not—to work with students with disabilities and their families. I would like to premise this by saying I had many incredible teachers and support staff in my high school years. I owe my life to my high school, Ledu... Read More