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Brittney Wills – Third Week at Gateway
Well… not much has happened for me this last week. Because of the -30 to -40 weather we had, my van wasn’t running well, and my kids were... Read More

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Families Forward – Letter to Younger Parents
What do you wish you knew when starting this journey? This session will explore our learnings in the PDD system through writing and discussion and how... Read More

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Living with a disability brings with it many barriers. One of the biggest barriers, in my experience, is poverty. My name is Amy Park and I am a human rights activist, who lives with a disability. In Alberta we have an income support program known as Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH... Read More
Coming to work for a charity that operates in the disability field without disability related work experience of my own provided a huge learning curve. I think the same kind of learning curve likely happens for most people who get involved in this field either through work, or because they have a fa... Read More
As one of Gateway’s Summer students, I have been a busy bee, focusing most of my efforts on doing research for the Legacy Project (a website about the history of disability in Alberta set to be released in late Fall – stay tuned!), helping the Family Support team with ISPs & finding ... Read More
Marketing often gets a bad wrap, especially when it comes to an organization like a charity. Why should marketing be involved in providing people necessary services? Why are we wasting money that could be going to the people we serve? Here are just a few quick reasons why marketing is crucial to any... Read More
Change is a necessary part of life, both in our personal and professional lives. We can try to keep things the status quo to the best of our ability, but change is required to achieve growth, and it will often happen no matter how hard we hold onto the way things were. Gateway has undergone Read More