“On the last day I sat on the Persons with Developmental Disabilities board, I asked if there were similar board opportunities available within the community.

A former board member recommended me to the executive director of Gateway Association.

In March 2012, I attended a Gateway board meeting and I was asked to help set up the organization’s Twitter page. Now I’m a board member.

Gateway in the past had some uncertainty. The future was not as clear as it is now.

The world is getting better, but some employers just aren’t educated enough to know how to accept or accommodate someone with a disability who has skills.

It’s incredibly inspiring and enlightening to be on Gateway’s board. I enjoy hearing different perspectives on issues. It gives me a whole new outlook.

I’ve learned how an organization works, what makes it tick.

I’m much more comfortable with speaking up now. I’m better at being an advocate.

Gateway makes you feel like your opinion is valuable.

I would like to see Gateway implement ways to help people with disabilities be stronger advocates. Without the confidence and belief in yourself, it’s much harder to knock down barriers with employment and independence.

It’s important to have a voice, especially for people who may not be able to speak for themselves. I’m honoured to help change that.”

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