Tips & Tricks for Job Searching

At Gateway we have been supporting people looking for work since 2013 and we understand that looking for a job can be a very daunting task. Sometimes it can be very hard to figure out where to start.

We have put together some useful tips to help get you started or enhance your job search. If you are supporting someone in their job search whether you’re a parent, sibling or support staff you can follow these tips to assist in their pursuit of a meaningful job.

Before you begin your employment search here are a few things that you should put in place first.


Be sure you have a regular sleep schedule and routine that will leave you refreshed for whatever hours you would like to work.

Try tailoring your sleep to what job you would like. For example, if you want a 9-5 job don’t stay up until 3am. Get yourself in the routine now.

Eat healthy meals at regular times.

Food can greatly affect our mood so ensure that you have a balanced diet.

Ensure you are well groomed.

Your appearance, whether we like it or not, is the first thing people see, make sure you have a good first impression. Comb your hair, have a couple nice outfits and ensure proper hygiene.

Get regular exercise to confirm you are fit enough to work a shift.

You can easily start by going for walks. If you’re not working a job that is physical, make sure you research the job industry, so you know that there are no physical components.

Do you have reliable transportation to get back and forth from work?

Check out bus routes in your area and see how early or late they run. Look at other transportation options such as biking or walking.

Do you make it to appointments on time?

A job requires you to be punctual, so start with ensuring you are on time or early to appointments.

Have an idea of what your skills are and what you have to offer an employer

Think about what you did in previous jobs, employment or school to examine what skills stand out. Do you have any hobbies that are transferable skills?

Research the industry you want to work in.

Examine if your skills and personality will match the jobs typically found in that industry. Getting a job at a pet store to work with animals might sound ideal however if the only jobs are customer service and handling cash it may not be what they’re looking for.

job search 1 - Tips & Tricks for Job Searching

Job search:

When carrying out the job search keep the following in mind to enhance what your doing.

Ensure you resume is current, and there are no spelling mistakes or grammar errors. Have someone review it for you.

Have one resume that has no special formatting that you can submit online. Be sure there are no columns, tables, color or design on your resume as it will be screened out by some software. Have another resume with special formatting which stands out when you email it or submit it in person.

Check various job banks and data bases for jobs, talk to family and friends, attend job fairs, Network, network, network.

Make sure your resume is out on suitable platforms for the job you are looking for, such as LinkedIn for IT or finance jobs. Use technology to your advantage by utilizing it properly.

When applying to job postings, use words in your resume and cover letter that have been used in the posting.

A lot of software will screen specifically for the words in your resume that match the job description, so customize your resume each time you apply.

Represent yourself honestly on your resume.

While it may get you through the door if you make some “additions” this will be painfully obvious in the interview which will ruin your chances.

Have at least 2 but preferably 3 references.

Try and get references from past jobs or volunteer work. If you don’t have any work experience get references from teachers or family friends who can give you a character reference.

When applying in person make yourself stand out. Keep in mind that the employer may get hundreds of resumes.

Ask for the manager and ensure that you are dressed professionally and well groomed. Be prepared to talk about your skills and strengths.

Follow up with a phone call to the Human Recourse Manager within a week of applying.

There is no harm in inquiring about the status of your application and speaking about the qualities that make you stand out.

Looking for a job can be tough but if you can follow some of these tips you will greatly enhance your search. The biggest thing is to keep trying, you may have to apply for 20-30 jobs before you get a call back. Persistence will be key!

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