We Belong App

Our We Belong app is a user-friendly place where consumers can find inclusive employers in communities across Canada, either by mapping, searching by name, or searching by category.

Consumers can also nominate businesses that hire inclusively through the app.
Please recommend businesses that hire inclusively and meet all four of the following We Belong criteria to qualify for a place on the We Belong app.


To be included on the app a business must:

– have a direct employment contract with the employee;

– pay the employee at least minimum wage;

– provide a work space where the employee works alongside other employees;

– and provide a work environment where the employee has the opportunity to be engaged in workplace culture.

Since its initial launch in February 2015, the We Belong app has been celebrated across Canada by consumers and businesses, so much so that we’ve released Version 2.0 with added functionality, including a search-by-city option that offers searchability across Canada.

Check the new version and get the app now by visiting the Itunes App store, or the Android play store.



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