Getting to Know: Families Forward

Each month Gateway Association creates a space for parents who care for their children with disabilities. We want people to come together to share their experiences and knowledge with other parents! It also provides the chance to learn self care techniques, as the well being of parents so often gets lost in the shuffle.

Families Forward will be using arts-based means to connect, brainstorm and for self-care!

The first meeting of fall 2018 will be all about what Families Forward will look like for the near future and what you can expect from your participation. You’ll have a chance to meet our new facilitators, ask questions, and meet other families!

About the Facilitators:

Brooke Leifso is an expressive arts practitioner – using art as a tool to build communities. She has worked both professionally, and in the community with non-artists, specifically integrated rehabilitation programs, Youth-in-Care agencies and disability organizations. She has worked extensively with mixed-ability dance group, CRIPSiE and collaborated with Chrysalis in 2017 to build an artist led dance-on-film. She also works in professional theatre and has facilitated community art performances (community led and performed) theatre pieces including Love in the Margins (2015) where CRIPSiE performers discussed love, sex and disability.

Vanja Spiric has experience with disability communities as a volunteer and an advocate. She volunteered to support Families Forward by keeping notes about the sessions and providing logistics support.

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