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Work Simulation, Week 4

Oct 18th to Nov 24rd - This is a 6-week course. Classes are on Tues to Thurs for 2 hours per session Increase your digital and social skills, as you work in a […]

Google Doc Series (4/4)

This is a 4 part series In this workshop series, Participants will create their own google account, learn to navigate google drive, and keep their drives organized. Through a series […]

Growth Mindset: Resiliency in Job Search

Growth Mindset – Resiliency in Job Search  Job search can be a long and daunting process for many. This workshop will help individuals create a positive and persistent mindset along […]

Look Stuff Up Online Series (4/4)

This is a 4 part series This workshop series helps learners find, share, and explore things online through a series of fun activities. Participants will use different google map features […]

Passion Session Series #1

Everyone has a passion or talent that they find themselves attracted to from time to time. From knitting and video games to podcasting and hot sauce. What if you want […]