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Gateway helps employers recruit, train, and retain workers from diversity groups, improving workplace inclusivity, employee engagement, and business resiliency.






Employer Support

Disability is diversity – and it’s a type of diversity that teaches ‘how to include.’ With Canada projecting a loss of 25% of our workforce over the next 10-15 years, workers will increasingly come from equity-deserving groups as well as younger generations that are more invested in diversity and inclusion.

Workplace diversity and inclusion isn’t just the ‘right thing to do’ it’s a sustainable workforce practice that helps future-proof your business. In addition to supporting job-seekers with disability-based barriers in finding meaningful employment, Gateway also helps employers source diverse talent, which leads to a stronger, more engaged, and sustainable workforce.

Each year we work with hundreds of employers to help them build inclusive workplaces. Workplace diversity and inclusion doesn’t need to be complicated. We can help.


Employer Services

The workload associated with developing and maintaining an inclusive workplace can seem daunting – and is often not prioritized in the face of pressing operational needs. The team at Gateway has been supporting employers with recruitment, onboarding, orientation, engagement, and retention for many years. We are here to assist you with this work.

Gateway offers the following Workplace Inclusion Supports and Services free of charge to businesses that employ Gateway candidates.

  • Workplace Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Workshops
  • Workplace Accommodation Policy and Planning
  • New Employee Training Plans
  • Job Analysis and Job Description Development
  • Performance Evaluations/Stay Interviews
  • Performance Improvement Plans
  • Workplace Culture/Employee Engagement Assessment and Support
  • Employee Legislation Compliance Support (Workplace Harassment Policy and Framework)
  • Accessible Canada Legislation Compliance Support (Policy and Framework)


Employer Service Standards

To honour our commitment to employers and ensure our supports are of the highest quality, Gateway adheres to the following Employer Service Standards.


The team at Gateway: 

Is trained to be an effective workplace inclusion resource for employers

Will explore and verify the skills, abilities, readiness, employment goals, and job targets of candidates, along with any accommodations or supports required

Ensures that required resources are in place to support the candidate and the employer with recruitment, onboarding, and employment retention

Reflects collaborative, customer service values and etiquette when interacting with employers


To ensure successful work placements, we:

Become familiar with your business’s personnel needs, operations, and work culture

Provide resources and accurate information to assist employers with inclusive recruitment

Facilitate talent matching, bringing the best candidate forward for the specific workplace

Verifies job seeker’s skills, talents and abilities prior to the application process, ensuring the best fit candidates are put forward

Assist employers with interviews, accommodating communication, and facilitating information exchange, as required by the employers and candidates


During the onboarding process, we:

Provide detailed information to the employer about the range and scope of services available

Verify and document the job description, performance, and workplace culture expectations

Support the employee in understanding and meeting performance and culture expectations

Assist with the identification and engagement of mentors and natural supports

Enhance (where required) the employer’s usual training and orientation processes

Consult on reasonable accommodation where required 


To ensure effective engagement and retention, we:

Clearly communicate our role in supporting employee retention and inclusion

Document the employer’s expectations of our services

Regularly assess satisfaction, success, and challenges with employers

Engage directly (when required or requested) to assist with training or other interventions

Advocate and help facilitate resolution around performance or interactional concerns

Remain accessible and responsive to employers


Diverse and inclusive workplace cultures are critical to attracting talent and future-proofing your business. Gateway connects workplaces with the talent and resources they need to thrive. For additional employer support resources, visit the Gateway to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Hub.


Employer Partnerships


Success Stories

“We have had the absolute pleasure of working with Gateway Association and what it means is that we are able to reach out to youth with disability-based barriers by helping them maintain employment.

Some youth may have disadvantages when trying to enter the workforce and by working closely with Gateway Association it is giving each job seeker a chance at equal opportunity.

The team at Incredible Florist have had some pretty unique and amazing successful outcomes with the Gateway job seekers hired and it has been an overall joy to watch them grow as a successful and dedicated team. I encourage more employers to reach out to Gateway to help individuals create their own success stories!”



“Last year we became an inclusive workplace at Milk Jar and it is truly hard to describe how much purpose it brings to a company and to fellow employees. Suddenly coming to work doesn’t feel like work, it feels meaningful and fun. It raises a level of social consciousness within a company that will elevate you within your community.

Gateway provided the necessary support allowing us to onboard our new employee with care and ease so that our team and our new member felt set up for success. They have an open door policy whenever we need assistance to book a translator for staff meetings, acquire tools and guidance to improve employee productivity, and they have provided training in American Sign Language for our staff.

I am so happy we were introduced to Gateway Association as they have contributed to Milk Jar being more successful than we could have ever imagined.”


Milk Jar Candle Co.


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