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Discover how Gateway helps job seekers and employers achieve sustainable employment success and inclusivity. 


Job Seeker Success


Sky entered the GET-Work program in June of 2022. Due to anxiety, chronic pain and raising a child, Sky had been out of the workforce for several years and was not sure about what kind of work she could do and how to address her experience gap. After a few session with a Career & Inclusion Consultant, Sky felt that she would be a great fit for the Cannabis Retail Sector because the work environment would be suitable for her need to sit or stand and not have to do too much physical work. She also enjoys the atmosphere of retail Cannabis and was eager to put her customer service skills to use in a sector that she could be passionate about. With supports from Gateway Association, Sky quickly completed her SellSafe course, obtained her Police Information Check and received her QCW certification. 


Gateway continued to support Sky through job search and was able to get connected the Erin Woods location of FOUR 20. She aced her interview and was offered a part time position in January of 2023. Sky is grateful to work in a supportive environment that accommodates her anxiety and chronic pain. Sky has received positive feedback from her manager who says “She is doing great… and has picked up the process quickly… and has been a welcomed addition to the Team and will be a High-ly trained Cannabis professional in no-time”.   


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In pursuit of a dream job as a chef, Nick reached out to Gateway Association for support! He started in May of 2022 and worked towards discovering his strengths, working on his resume and applying for jobs that would get him to the next step in his career journey!

With Gateway’s support, Nick connected with Jubilatios Dinner Theatre in Calgary and the rest is HISTORY!



Read Rosie’s full success story HERE

By delving into career exploration, Gateway helped Rosie to figure out what industries were best suited for her skill set and interests, attended career fairs with her, connected with employers and, when Rosie was ready, helped her to apply for jobs! 

Gateway also helped me with writing my resume, practice for interviews, work on my confidence…I don’t feel like I would have had the confidence to apply for jobs without Gateway- they encouraged me and followed up with employers for me after I applied!” 



“I did get the job I wanted, at the Calgary Zoo… I surprised myself, in a good way. I made friends, did my job well, and helped wherever I could. It was very fulfilling!

I would, and already have, recommend the Gateway Association to absolutely anyone for the people who where there, alone!

Everyone I met in that building were just such wonderful and kind people with awesome and lovable personalities… My only regret is that we weren’t able to work together more!”




We are excited to give this intelligent ambitious human and huge shoutout! Katie has just finsihed an 8-month contract with the Royal Tyrrell Museum working as a Visitor Relations Representative!

Katie sought Gateway’s support to help her find an opportunity that combined both hereducational backgroun, a Bachelor of Arts Degree, majoring in Anthropology and minoring in French, with her passion for museums, exploring the history and learning different languages!

Katie started a seasonal contract at RTM beginning of May and is hoping to have her contract extended permanently. We are so proud of Katie for ongoing determination and cannot to wait what happens next for her. She is sure destined for greatness. 


Watch Brooke’s success story HERE


“I think Gateway is an amazing program for people struggling to enter the workforce. I received help with building a good resume, and learned how to create cover letters and follow up with potential employers. Gateway connected me to WHIMIS, First Aid and Forklift Safety training. I succeeded in finding a job where I will gain valuable experience for the future.”




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New career path new job AND a new car- Learn about Kaidan’s success and BEYOND, achieved with the help of the Edmonton Employment Team!


Read Bridgit’s full story HERE

Bridgit was struggling to find employment due to a lack of work experience and lack of confidence, two barriers that many job seekers face! 

 “Gateway helped me to advocate for accommodations I needed to have time blocked to use for medical appointments…My CIC at Gateway also coached me on how to speak with my manager about requesting more hours!”



“Gateway showed me that there are companies that actually care about your own well being, they want you to be able to meet your basic needs, they want to see you grow, they want to see you move up to be a supervisor or manager and be a valuable part of the company and not just a number!

What I thought Gateway was going to do was help me find just a job, and I’d just continue on that cycle of looking for new work when the current job no longer meets my needs… But they helped me realize that I don’t have to keep living that way.

I learned what my values are and the value that I could bring to the workplace. I realized that I have all of these big goals and I have a lot of talents and skills that I wasn’t able to use in my past jobs.”




“The largest hurdles for me were both in finding work within my career as someone with little experience, as well as someone who struggles with interviews. I was connected to I.A.T.S.E 212 (film labour union in Calgary) by Gateway Association, and they forwarded my resume to the directors and the producers of a film project in Alberta.

Although the trainee position at Caverna Productions Inc. did not require more than an initial phone interview, I do believe that Gateway helped in the event that I might have a proper interview for my next project.

The project at Caverna Productions Inc. has given me a great basis to start from, as well as some initial experience in my career to pursue further jobs in entertainment.”




Employer Success


Dawn’s full story HERE

Meet Dawn, the General Manager at Sobeys Nolan Hill location who has been a valuable member of the Gateway community.

She is a compassionate and committed manager who recognizes the potential in all her employees, regardless of their abilities or disabilities and her dedication to supporting individuals with varying abilities is worth celebrating!

Dawn’s efforts have led to the successful employment of Gateway participants at Sobeys!


We are so thrilled to recognize Sung Jo as one of our inclusive employer partners at Gateway! Sung Jo is also one of the winners for 2022 Star Women in Grocery and the store manager of Mission SAFEWAY, which generates one of the highest sales per square foot results in Alberta. ( 

Sung has worked with SAFEWAY since 2005 when she started a part-time summer position as a Deli Clerk at SAFEWAY. She is highly passionate about nurturing diverse, equitable and inclusive (DEI) team environments/cultures and loves to witness both the small and big wins of her employees! From July 2022 to Jan 2023, she has hired 4 Job Seekers being supported by Gateway for different positions, not only to help them develop their career paths, but also to further guide them in their career development. Some of the roles include deli and courtesy clerks.

Gateway Association Calgary presened her with an Inclusive Employer certificate to celebrate her success and commitment to DEI in December 2022.  

In addition to her work with her team, Sung Jo loves to take care of the community. Her store has increased its donation drives and independently supported community fundraising efforts to help abused women and children in the downtown Calgary community. Her team is currently sponsoring three community groups through their food rescue program. 


“Last year we became an inclusive workplace at Milk Jar and it is truly hard to describe how much purpose it brings to a company and to fellow employees. Suddenly coming to work doesn’t feel like work, it feels meaningful and fun. It raises a level of social consciousness within a company that will elevate you within your community.

Gateway provided the necessary support allowing us to onboard our new employee with care and ease so that our team and our new member felt set up for success. They have an open door policy whenever we need assistance to book a translator for staff meetings, acquire tools and guidance to improve employee productivity, and they have provided training in American Sign Language for our staff.

I am so happy we were introduced to Gateway Association as they have contributed to Milk Jar being more successful than we could have ever imagined.”

To learn more, visit Milk Jar Candle Co.

Leigh - AARCS

Full AARCS Success Story HERE

A member of the Gateway Edmonton team approached Leigh at AARCS to connect with the Job Seekers for a mentorship match or Industry Information session. Leigh jumped on both opportunities by offering a virtual Industry Information session as well as in-person tour and job shadow! 

“Animal Welfare as a whole doesn’t really have a lot of sort of job regulations…You don’t go to school to be an animal welfare worker, it’s not really something you do. So, a lot of getting into this field is just doing it and I thought, you know, MentorAbility is a great opportunity for people to learn more about animal welfare and shelters. We sometimes have a bit of a bad wrap with people, they think of shelters and they think of the very sad, black and white ASPCA commercials that make everyone cry haha which isn’t really a good representation of what we do as a shelter or what we do as an animal welfare organization! So, I felt it was a good opportunity!”


“We have had the absolute pleasure of working with Gateway Association and what it means is that we are able to reach out to youth with disability-based barriers by helping them maintain employment.

Some youth may have disadvantages when trying to enter the workforce and by working closely with Gateway Association it is giving each job seeker a chance at equal opportunity.

The team at Incredible Florist have had some pretty unique and amazing successful outcomes with the Gateway job seekers hired and it has been an overall joy to watch them grow as a successful and dedicated team. I encourage more employers to reach out to Gateway to help individuals create their own success stories!”

Visit Incredible Florist to learn more.


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