Employer Spotlight: Dawn at Sobey’s

Meet Dawn, the General Manager at Sobeys Nolan Hill location and a valuable member of the Gateway community.

Dawn started her career with Sobeys as a Cashier while studying Early Childhood Education at MRU.  Dawn continued to further both her education and career in studying Community Rehabilitation at the U of C and working her way up the ranks to her current position, overseeing 101 employees.

We first approached Dawn to provide mock interviews for Gateway participants, which she graciously volunteered to do as well as provide job shadows and mentoring opportunities! In getting to know Dawn, we realized that these activities were just a glimpse into who Dawn is as a person, and she’s quickly become a valued member of the Gateway community!

Dawn is a problem solver and analyzer, always seeking to understand her staff’s perspectives and involve them in solutions and planning. Dawn takes the time to build rapport with her employees and create a comfortable work environment.

She is a compassionate and committed manager who recognizes the potential in all her employees, regardless of their abilities or disabilities and her dedication to supporting individuals with varying abilities is worth celebrating! Her efforts have led to the successful employment of Gateway participants at Sobeys, and her support has helped them grow and develop in their roles! She not only accommodates their needs but also goes the extra mile to provide them with the necessary resources and support to succeed! The Gateway Employment team has also assisted Dawn when she’s needed support, working collectively on performance improvement plans, facilitating accommodations and offering additional on the job support to employees when needed!

Dawn’s passion for learning, growth, and networking has made her an essential member of the Gateway community. She attends Gateway events and provides support, which has created a positive impact on other employers who are working on improving their inclusive recruitment and retention strategies!


Thank you, Dawn, for your dedication to creating inclusive and supportive workplaces and a valued Gateway Employer partner!