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JOSH (HE/HIM)- Customer Service Pro

Connect with Josh H.

Target Industries:

Customer Service / Retail

  • Working with animals as a groomer or caregiver
  • Providing customer service in people-focused environments that focus on fun & entertainment

Food & Beverage

· Dishwasher

· Food Prep

· Bussing

· Hosting

· Kitchen Helper

Why Should An Employer Hire You?

I’m passionate about learning and developing my skills through experience and discovering what I’m good at so I can begin a career path where I can use my creativity and people skills in an environment that is fun and people focused


Something About Me That My Resume Doesn’t Capture:

I enjoy playing guitar and listening to hard rock. I hope to start a band one day!  

Josh H Resume

BRANDON (HE/HIM)- Financial Analyst

Connect with Brandon

Target Industries:

My target industry at the moment is the financial industry. I would like to work as either a financial analyst or a data analyst with a focus on statistical and economic modelling and forecasting.

I am also open to jobs in office administration, billing, accounts receivables and payables and data entry

Why Should An Employer Hire You?

An employer should hire me as I have several relevant skills and an analytical approach to solving problems that would allow me to thrive in my role. I am also open to constructive criticism and feedback so that I can continue to learn and build upon my existing skillset.  


Something About Me That My Resume Doesn’t Capture:

My resume lacks experience as an intern as well as work experience, which may be a red flag to some potential employers. However, I know that I have the capacity to learn and that I am a dedicated and perseverant individual even though a potential employer may not think my resume reflects this in the work experience section.  

Brandon’s Resume

DANIELLE (SHE/HER)- Merchandising

Connect with Danielle

Target Industries:

    • Bussing
    • Stocking, merchandising

    Why Should An Employer Hire You?

    I’m a good team player and I miss working. I want to stay somewhere for a long time where I can grow.  


    Something About Me That My Resume Doesn’t Capture:

    Like going for coffee, spending time with family and doing arts and crafts!

    Danielle’s Resume

    MEGAN (SHE/HER)- Merchandising and Retail

    Connect with Megan

    Target Industries:

      • Retail 
      • Stocking, merchandising, and cashier roles

      Why Should An Employer Hire You?

      I am hard working, I always get my stuff done on time, I try my very best every single time, I am not afraid to voice my opinion, I am very detail-orientated, I will definitely bring a positive attitude


      Something About Me That My Resume Doesn’t Capture:

      A fun fact is that even though I am dyslexic I love to write articles, stories, anything! I just love to write!  

      Megan’s Resume

      Kyle (HE/HIM) - Graphic/Web Design

      Connect with Kyle

      Target Industries:

      • Graphic design  
      • Web design  

      Why Should An Employer Hire You?

      Because of my willingness to listen- I get the job done to the best of my ability, and am able to adapt if I need to learn a new software I will


      Something About Me That My Resume Doesn’t Capture:

      He has been interested in graphic design and drawing since 12 years old – it has advanced throughout the ages, starting with ech-a-sketch, moving to coloring/drawing on paper, then ipad, then exploring professional options.  “My whole life has been drawing- it is just a part of who I am!”

      Kyle’s Resume


      MIKE (HE/HIM) - Warehousing+

      Connect with Mike

      Target Industries:



        Any entry level Customer Service

        Why Should An Employer Hire You?

        I would be a very hardworking and dedicated person for the company. I will give all my attention and care to my role. I want to contribute my unique skills and personality to the overall growth and benefit of the company.    


        Something About Me That My Resume Doesn’t Capture:

        I love classical music such as piano, cello and violin. Music is a big component of my life and very closely tied to precious memories!

        Mike’s Resume


        RHI (SHE/HER) - Customer Service/Music

        Connect with Rhiannon

        Target Industries:

          Music Stores/Production, Radio Stations, Apple Store, WEM, Car Dealerships, Medical Buildings… 

          Targetting roles like: Customer Service, Receptionist, Entry Level Admin Assistant/Data Entry 

          Why Should An Employer Hire You?

          I am a loyal, hardworking person. I am a quick learner and would thrive in an environment where I can be myself.


          Something About Me That My Resume Doesn’t Capture:

          I love music. I am working on developing my piano skills. I would love to grow into the radio/podcast world. Would be open to opportunities of startup and potential growth in those industries. 

          Rhiannon’s Resume


          MITCHELL(HE/HIM) - Automotive/Detailing

          Connect with Mitchell

          Target Industries:

            • Car industry  
            • Cleaning/detailing cars, moving cars  
            • Something that involves working with a good team! 

            Why Should An Employer Hire You?

            I am looking for a good team environment that is hopefully welcoming and where everyone gets along. I will utilize what I learned in the past and I want to learn more along the way.  I am a hard worker!


            Something About Me That My Resume Doesn’t Capture:

            I love collecting model cars, especially ones that I would never be able to afford I have 40+ within my collection


            Mitchell’s Resume

            AURELIO (HE/HIM) - Food & Beverage

            Connect with Aurelio

            Target Industries:

              I am looking at pursuing a career in the Food and Beverage  industry, such as:  

              • Prep cook 
              • Bakery 
              • Food production/industrial kitchen 

              Why Should An Employer Hire You?

              Because I have two years’ experience working in kitchen settings, this includes working as a dishwasher and a prep cook.  

              I have also previously gone to NAIT for a Certification in Culinary Arts.


              Something About Me That My Resume Doesn’t Capture:

              I enjoy working out and am currently working towards getting my driver’s license! 


              Aurelio’s Resume

              JOSHUA (HE/HIM) - Food Service, Retail

              Connect with Joshua

              Target Industries:

                I am looking for an entry-level position and am open to many industries!  

                • Any entry-level, first-time job  
                • Food Services – back-end food prep, dishwashing  
                • Retail – grocery store, department store – anything stocking relating 

                Why Should An Employer Hire You?

                I may be a little slower to get cues and things may seem like a bit something like that but I am always willing to learn and learn skills and gain experience so I can use. If that means being the best employee, I will be the best employee if it would benefit myself and the employer and those around me. I’m always willing to learn and adaptI’m usually thinking of a lot of questions because I want to make sure that everyone including myself is doing things the right way


                Something About Me That My Resume Doesn’t Capture:

                I’ve been told I’m well-spoken! If you get me talking about something I know a lot about it. I want to get everything in my head about that subject out.” 

                Also, I can sing! I take lessons weekly!


                Joshua’s Resume

                ALEX (SHE/HER) - Content Creator

                Connect with Alex

                Target Industries:

                  I’m actually looking at two different industries that I’m interested in! First, I’m an experienced content creator and would love to share my skills and my passion with a creative organization. I’m also passionate about customer service and really enjoy working with people. Because of these characteristics, I’d be happy in a remote customer support centre.  

                  Why Should An Employer Hire You?

                  I am driven and detail oriented, I will make a good member of any team and have a passion for personal growth within whatever industry I work within. 


                  Something About Me That My Resume Doesn’t Capture:

                  I am passionate about music, cosplay and costuming, and digitally designing and building Lego projects (#BuildToGive)


                  Alex’s Resume

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