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Gateway assists families supporting loved ones with disabilities to build their capacity, confidence, and connections.


About FRC

Family Resource Centre

We are so happy you are here! Welcome to the Gateway Association Family Resource Centre on Treaty 6 territory. Founded by families that envisioned a “gateway to a better life”, our Family Resource Centre (FRC) is here for families supporting loved ones across all ages with disabilities (developmental, physical, sensory, mental, or neurological) and/or health conditions impacting their daily activities (such as eating, grooming, etc.).

The ultimate goal of our Family Resource Centre is to enhance each family’s expertise on their own children and provide concrete resources that can ease the journey as the family navigates the next steps. Our FRC team is made up of families, neurodiverse individuals, and multiple ethnicities that have varied experiences. The team partners with various organizations to continually increase our diversity of thought and capacity to work with all families.

Watch the video below to see what our Family Resource Centre is all about.


Building an Inclusive Community

If your loved one is 5 or under

We aim to meet families where they are at in their journey. We start by understanding your story and empower you to decide what the next steps are for you and your family members. Gateway offers a caregiver roadmap on the Gateway APP. Our family resources help you understand disability workshops. Gateway also offers Families Forward family mentorship groups to build family connections.

If your loved one is 6+

Are you a parent or caregiver to someone with a disability? We can help. Gateway offers a caregiver roadmap on the Gateway APP. We offer learning opportunities and workshops at our Learning Resource Centre for families and staff. We offer support services like brainstorming, system navigation, finding your community, strategies for advocacy, and family mentorship.

If you are a family accessing Family Managed Services (FMS)

Gateway Association offers learning opportunities specific to FMS for families and staff at our Learning Resource Centre and a caregiver road map on the Gateway APP. We have team leader and staffing supports for new FMS families. Gateway also offers an HR package and provides supports with hiring staff. View or Workshops Calendar for more information. 

Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) Support

A registered disability savings plan (RDSP) is a must-have tool for anyone living with a disability. We’re providing free RDSP support to all Albertans who are in need. Here’s what we can help with:

  • Explain what exactly an RDSP is and why it is AMAZING for long-term savings
  • Guide you through the process of setting up an RDSP for yourself
  • Assist with completing any documentation
  • Connect you with RDSP specialists who can continue to guide you on long-term savings

Connect with [email protected] for RDSP support today!


Our mission is to develop meaningful, paid employment relationships that benefit persons with disabilities and employers.


Workshops and Meetings

Visioning and Planning

This workshop offers families the opportunity to acknowledge the fear of the unknown and move forward with the acknowledgement that together we will work to support the values of each individual and family as a community. Register below:


  • Families with Children 13-15 Years Old
  • Families with Children Up To 8 Years Old

PDD 101

This workshop will provide you with an understanding of the PDD program’s role in supporting adults with developmental disabilities. Register below:


  • Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) 101 

Family Managed Services (FMS)

The following workshops are available to families accessing Family Managed Services (FMS):

  • Abuse Prevention & Response Protocol for FMS Admin
  • Abuse Prevention & Response Protocol for FMS Staff
  • Finding the Right Staff
  • More Than Just a Job (FMS)

Understanding Disability

Our Understanding Disability workshops bring awareness about services that support those with disabilities in Alberta. Register below:


  • Understanding Disability in the Transitioning Years 
  • Understanding Disability: Community Resources 

Transition Planning for Adulthood

This workshop helps understand life barriers, adult services and systems of support to successfully transition to adulthood, explores social roles and how to be valued as a respected member of the community and plans for the future based on a vision supported by goals and strategies. Register below:


Families Forward Meetings

Our Families Forward Monthly Meetings are where families connect with other families, learn from one another, and explore important issues such as schooling, leadership, and community and government support. Register below:




“Great workshop! Would definitely recommend it to others!”

— Workshop Participant, October 2021

“Such a warm & accepting environment.”

— Workshop Participant, October 2021

“[…] were very patient and kind, so thoughtful in your responses in the workshop.”

— Workshop Participant, October 2021

"[...] workshop through Gateway was AMAZING!”

— Workshop Participant, April 2021

“This is my first workshop. I no longer feel alone in trying to figure out how to continue to help [my child]. Thank you very, very much.”

— Workshop Participant, September 2021

“….my heart feels held after speaking with you….”

— Family/Caregiver, October 2021

“Thank you so much…for working on and sending us this wonderful document [Individual support plan]. I can see us using this all the time!! I better make a few hard-copies because I can see the paper wearing out!...”

— ISP Family/Caregiver, September 2021

“Thank you so much for meeting with……It was a real pleasure. We all enjoyed our time chatting with you both about [...] future…We are so thankful for organizations like Gateway Association-it's comforting to know we aren’t alone in this journey and that there are wonderful people willing to help….”

— ISP Family/Caregiver, September 2021

“It was also a pleasure meeting you and I appreciate your patience and thoughtfulness as we worked through [...] ISP goals and short term vision. I also really appreciate the lovely ISP you created….you really captured the essence of [...]!”

— ISP Family/Caregiver, September 2021

“….I wanted to thank you again for all your help for [...] ISP it went from this mild document showing very little needs to the true reality of the sincere needs and I could not have done this without your hard work and talent….”

— ISP Family/Caregiver, July 2021

“…..I am very pleased with the way everything went [ISP meeting], in fact, I think the meeting could not have gone better!....”

— ISP Family/Caregiver, August 2021


Our Gateway to Digital Inclusion mobile app is designed to assist any Albertan family in navigating life while supporting a loved one with a developmental disability. Check the Caregiver Roadmaps!

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