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Gateway helps people with disability-based barriers increase the digital skills needed to engage in the online world.

Digital Literacy Program

Gain the skills to help you work, play, and engage online in our fun and free workshops!

About DIH

Digital Inclusion Hub

Welcome to the Gateway Association Digital Inclusion Hub (DIH) serving the greater Calgary and Edmonton areas – Treaty 7 and Treaty 6 territories. The Digital Inclusion Hub (DIH) offers multiple opportunities and resources for self-advocates, families and job seekers to gain and improve digital literacy skills. Our offerings include the Gateway To Digital Inclusion (GTDI) mobile app and Digital Literacy (GTDI) Program. 

Our mobile app is more than just a digital literacy program, it is a virtual office, resource centre, learning centre, venue and social community. In addition to our digital inclusion hub offerings, we provide support and resources such as workshops and information sessions as a multi-path learning resource. Gateway is here to help individuals learn and succeed in work, life and play.

Watch: Why Does Digital Literacy Matter video below.


Increase Your Digital Skills

App Resources

The Gateway to Digital Inclusion (GTDI) mobile app helps connect people to the online world. The digital office offers participants the opportunity for digital literacy training, access to resources, events and connecting with others.

Program Offerings

Our Digital Literacy Program improves digital literacy skills through fun, hands-on, experiential training. We offer a selection of workshops and courses, online social connections, access to the app, tutoring and work simulations to build digital and employable skills.


Support resources and training for individuals, staff and families.


Community Gallery



“Great workshop! Would definitely recommend it to others!”

— Workshop Participant, October 2021

“Such a warm & accepting environment.”

— Workshop Participant, October 2021

“[…] were very patient and kind, so thoughtful in your responses in the workshop.”

— Workshop Participant, October 2021

"[...] workshop through Gateway was AMAZING!”

— Workshop Participant, April 2021

“This is my first workshop. I no longer feel alone in trying to figure out how to continue to help [my child]. Thank you very, very much.”

— Workshop Participant, September 2021

“….my heart feels held after speaking with you….”

— Family/Caregiver, October 2021

“Thank you so much…for working on and sending us this wonderful document [Individual support plan]. I can see us using this all the time!! I better make a few hard-copies because I can see the paper wearing out!...”

— ISP Family/Caregiver, September 2021

“Thank you so much for meeting with……It was a real pleasure. We all enjoyed our time chatting with you both about [...] future…We are so thankful for organizations like Gateway Association-it's comforting to know we aren’t alone in this journey and that there are wonderful people willing to help….”

— ISP Family/Caregiver, September 2021

“It was also a pleasure meeting you and I appreciate your patience and thoughtfulness as we worked through [...] ISP goals and short term vision. I also really appreciate the lovely ISP you created….you really captured the essence of [...]!”

— ISP Family/Caregiver, September 2021

“….I wanted to thank you again for all your help for [...] ISP it went from this mild document showing very little needs to the true reality of the sincere needs and I could not have done this without your hard work and talent….”

— ISP Family/Caregiver, July 2021

“…..I am very pleased with the way everything went [ISP meeting], in fact, I think the meeting could not have gone better!....”

— ISP Family/Caregiver, August 2021


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