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Welcome to the Community Gallery, a place to share artistic work created and submitted by YOU, members of the Gateway family. Art and creative expression are powerful ways to share who we are and how we experience the world.  

The Community Gallery showcases new creative works, exploring different themes, four times a year. This online gallery space will amplify the voices of our community; representing and celebrating the knowledge and creative abilities of the many diverse peoples we support and engage with. 


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It’s a very sad reality that often in the disability community it’s hard for us to find that one special person who sees us for who we are, is genuinely interested in what we’re doing in our life and truly wants to listen to what we have to say. My Aunt Jill was one of those people for me. This verse and the chorus of the song amplifies the sentiment.

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Artwork Summary

Artist am I?  

When considering why I make art, my best attempt at an answer is that it is the people I am lucky enough to get to know in life that give me the ideas and I create from them.   

It can be the sharing stories about the struggles and getting by in life with the odd success that come as pebbles in shaping the mountains in the dances and plays I have had the honour to be in or the art I have been able to make. It is the common ground of hardships to get from one place to another in our journeys that when I am creating art gets a brilliant glimpse, we have of them. This is the beginning, and the end. What fills this is what is the substance between. It is the essence of what makes this art, the path you take, is the beautiful painting that you create out of what you see. The thoughts it encourages that you share out of what you felt.   

I look forward to this fragment of time you walked in part of the world’s vast ocean of shared knowledge and the stories we live and tell.  


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