Beyond Employment; Kaiden’s Success Story

Kaiden reached out to Gateway Edmonton in the fall of 2021 to support him in finding a job.  Kaiden found success very quickly, landing a job shortly after with a snow removal company.

Kaiden loved the work, but did experience some challenges with transportation and the sporadic schedule and long hours, typical of the snow removal industry. As these challenges became increasingly difficult, Kaiden made the tough decision to leave this role and seek one that was better suited for him.

Kaiden again utilized the Gateway Employment program, and started working right away with the Employment Resource Centre team to update his resume, polish his interview skills and start the job search again.  They searched for jobs with a more structured schedule, but still focusing on positions that incorporated the type of work that Kaiden enjoys- getting to work with his hands and within the construction and related industries.

Kaiden then completed a few interviews and shortly after, was offered what was to be his final one at Nelson Lumber, landing him a job as a Truss Assembler shortly after! 

In his new role, Kaiden gets to work with his hands in the construction industry, which is a strong passion of his. Kaiden is working 40+ hours a week and through this, he has officially been able to buy his first car!  

Congratulations, Kaiden!