Hi, I’m Cassie Shaw

Workplace Inclusion Strategist

I have an Occupational and Physical Therapy background and graduated from Grant MacEwan University in 2010. Since I graduated, I have worked in the school system supporting children living with a disability. Supporting their individual therapy needs and early intervention support has truly built my foundation for Gateway.

I have a love for sports and being active. I play softball and volleyball, and I enjoy swimming and golf. I have recently begun curling and going kayaking when the weather is nice. Along with being a mom and exploring the outdoors with my son, I also enjoy coaching, which quickly became a passion and something I value in my life.

On the weekends, I enjoy beating my family and friends at board games. Catan is one of our favourites. If I could have a superpower, it would be teleportation. I love to travel and try new things, so to get somewhere instantly would be amazing.

I am so excited to be a part of Gateway. I love to socialize, and I feel like my strength in personal connection will help build the relationships needed to provide innovative opportunities for job seekers.