My First Week at Gateway

I was lucky enough to have a initial meeting and tour with Sahana before Christmas, so I knew already I was excited to work here. Sahana’s way of explaining Gateway to me, and the sparkle in her eye when she spoke of the values of Gateway, I knew I was going to like it here.

As you enter the Gateway office, a cheerful door bell announces your arrival. There is no sneaking in late! Everyone knows when you arrive. Katie and Sandra are the faces that greet you as soon as you walk in, and they are so helpful and welcoming.

As a student you never really know how anything is going to go. There are a million questions swirling in my head, but I hope to God they don’t ask me if I have questions, because I will for sure go blank. So much anxiety and you feel like the new kid (again). I was so grateful to be welcomed by everyone, and all my anxieties were calmed as the days of the first week played out.

As soon as Ashleigh dropped an eff bomb, and Katie laughed at one of my dark jokes, I knew I was with like minded people. The following days, everyone – including the part time IT guy (Ron) – went out of their way to make sure I had everything I need to be here!

But, First order of business: Brittney-fy my cubicle.


Things I know for sure:

  • Office culture a priority and everyone’s favorite part of working here
  • Flexible and patient
  • Welcoming! Everyone is super helpful
  • Gateway is innovative and unique
  • Awesome vibes
  • Language is important
  • Lots of information on the website
  • Resource rich
  • Visual people! Mind mapping- photos
  • Non-Profit Organization



  • Get to know the Individual Support Plans (ISPs) and its processes
  • Evaluations
  • Blog journal



  • Attend workshops that are offered to families
  • Shadow workers
  • Freedom to self start


So now what?

  • Learn as much as I can about the ISPs, so that I can make meaningful suggestions
  • Attend some ISP meetings
  • Read ISP docs
  • Make my cubicle my own. Personalize! Pics