Hi, I’m Betty Hahn-Sidor

Manager of Planning Supports

I have always had a drive towards social justice and an interest in educating others. I have often combined the two to ensure that everyone has equal access to societal offerings; having opportunities for contribution, and developing relationships to belong in community. My 40+ years of experience involves working for non-profit organizations to improve lives through connection and purpose.

My current work includes: Helping individuals to live their best lives, connecting families to be empowered advocates, helping the community to understand and navigate systems of support, facilitating workshops and planning meetings and helping families to build the skills, confidence, and resiliency to thrive

I have rediscovered my love of adventure through my travels. Now I explore places where I can be immersed in cultures, participating in new activities. As times change and my body ages, I also look for alternate pursuits, recently discovering hiking and cross-country trails in the Alberta Rockies. I volunteer for my Triathlon club and enjoy participating in a monthly book club.