Hi, I’m Jamie Thiessen

Workplace Inclusion Strategist

I come from the post-secondary world, where I worked as a Business Analyst, focusing on database and process optimization, while also obtaining my diploma in Human Resources Management. Before that, I worked in construction (at actual gravel pits, like Fred Flintstone!) and customer service. A common theme throughout my employment history is working to make things easier for others, a skill I’m thrilled to bring with me to Gateway.

My passion for equity, diversity, and inclusion is the foundation on which I base my professional approach, and my personal values of authenticity and justice drive everything I do. Rather than forcing people to adapt to society, I work to strengthen society’s ability to embrace the differences in people; not just tolerating those who are different but encouraging and celebrating their individuality.

When not working, I spend my time on projects around the house, gardening, cycling, and educating myself on social justice issues. I also spend a lot of time making sure my cats are properly pampered and adored and occasionally take in foster dogs to get them ready for their forever homes.