Cathy Heron – Mayor Sponsor

As the first female Mayor in 20 years, and only the second in the history of St. Albert, Cathy Heron represents the values of our modern community. She is proof that St. Albert has grown beyond the debate of women in politics and is ready to tackle the
rights of our LGBTQ+, environmental stewardship, responsible growth, and first nations through respectful engagement within our community.

A graduate of both the University of Alberta and NAIT, Mayor Heron values diverse knowledge, education, and experience in herself and those around her. In addition to her education, Mayor Heron has extensive experience in regional governance, including
2 terms as a city councillor and several years of volunteer work on committees.

Mayor Heron understands the value of leading by example. She serves as President at the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association, Director of Alberta Recycling Management Association, 4 years as Director of the Alberta Capital Region Waste Water Commission, Capital Region Growth Plan Task Force and many more. The result is extensive and diverse relationships throughout the region with elected, civil, and
business stake holders that she can rely upon to help her further her goal of a stronger and more respected City of St. Albert.

Her personal life focuses on her relationship with her 3 adult children. Will, Heather, and Holly have continuously been a source of both strength and pride for Cathy. Sunday family dinners are dear to her, a value she hopes will carry forward into the next generation.

Raised in St. Albert, she is a graduate of Paul Kane high school. When it was time to start her own family and instill core values in her children, living in St. Albert was an obvious and non-negotiable choice. It takes a village to raise a child, and she strongly believes St. Albert offers the best values she wants in her own children.

It is her goal, as Mayor of St. Albert, to contribute to a community where her children will choose to raise their children. The strong values of community and diverse respect that drew her parents to raise her here remain the values she hopes St. Albert will continue to instill in future generations.