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Work Simulation Part 2, Week 3

Oct 25th  to Dec 8rd - This is a 6-week course. Classes are on Tues to Thurs for 2 hours per session Facilitator: Toby Private - GTDI Program intake required prior to workshop: [email protected] […]

Zoom Basics

Learn what you need to know to participate in online Zoom meetings. Explore all the cool features of the program, practice your digital skills and build your zoom social skills. For accommodations […]

OSC Boardgames

**Requires Online Social Connections - Discord and Steam Tutorials as well as desktop or laptop computer.** Come hang out! Learn about setting up online accounts, meet new friends, socialize, and have fun playing boardgames online. Meet new […]

Right to Love Part 2

Right to Love  Honest conversations on care, consent, barriers and boundaries   through the lens of disability and confronting ablism.   Hosted by Heath Birkholz with special guests   November 30, 2022- Part 2   For […]