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Email Practice Session

Session: 1 of 1 Duration: 1 hr Facilitator: Lee Private - GTDI Program intake required prior to workshop: [email protected] **For participants who have completed Email Basics, and would like more practice** […]

Workplace Expectations

You’ve got the job, now you must keep it! Talking about the everyday behaviors that are appropriate in the workplace: showing up on time how long is too long for […]

LinkedIn Profiles Series (1/3)

Build your own LinkedIn profile! Share your skills, goals, and experiences, create job alerts, and grow your online network. Session: 1 of 3 Duration: 1 hr Facilitator: Toby Private - […]

More Than Just a Job (FMS)

More Than Just A Job (FMS) Tuesday, March 21 6pm - 9pm | Zoom A workshop for Family Managed Services staff to help identify and incorporate personal values in their […]