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Mentorability Alberta Current events and partnerships with Gateway Association


You Too Can YouTube Series (1/4)

Learn about being a YouTube viewer and a YouTube creator. Find out how to make your own YouTube Channel and what to consider when you are choosing videos to watch. […]

ePortfolio Series (1/4)

Learners will work on their own between classes. In the eportfolio workshop, participants will learn about the different types of portfolios, how to use google sites, and the basics of layout and […]

LinkedIn Learning

***Requires an active library membership.** Explore LinkedIn website as a group, learn how to: create an account, search for course, save and organize courses, and customize your profile. For questions […]

WHIMIS Training

Learn how to handle controlled products in the workplace and receive your WHMIS Certification! This is a private course- if you would like to learn more or to register, please […]

Gateway to Advocacy: Focus on Food Security

It’s so easy to forget all the hidden costs and complexities that come along with the food we eat. What does it mean to be aware of the food we […]