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Workplace Expectations

You’ve got the job, now you must keep it! Talking about the everyday behaviors that are appropriate in the workplace: showing up on time how long is too long for […]

Workplace Communication

Workplace Communication is made up of many essential skills, such as, what is okay to talk about at work with your coworkers? How to give and receive positive and constructive […]

Interview Preparation Workshop

Join us in a session all about interviews. Learn what to do before, during and after the job interview! To learn more, for accommodation requests and to register, connect with […]

Networking; Using Your Connections

Building sustaining personal networks is a great way to connect with employers. This session will describe ways to create a personal network and using existing relationships that can lead to […]

Growth Mindset; Resiliency in Job Search

Growth Mindset – Resiliency in Job Search Job search can be a long and daunting process for many. This workshop will help individuals create a positive and persistent mindset along […]

Finding Your Purpose- Career Exploration

In this workshop, we will discuss how considering own interests and abilities along with researching job market trends and income can yield success and job satisfaction. To learn more, for […]